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For information about visits to your school or library, please contact directly by e-mail


or call (512) 271 7630


 Grand Circus (for preK and Kinder, 35 to 40 minutes).

Sts will meet the "artists" while they learn easy ways to remember numbers.

 Feathers in the Meadow ( all ages, 50 to 60 minutes) 

 Sts learn about birds, their habits, feeding etc. Children will learn to recognize and name some of the wonderful birds we enjoy in our area.

 A little big help (30 to 35 minutes)  ideal for Second grade, as they study the cycle of the butterflies, but all ages love to listen to the adventures of this little caterpillar who becomes a big hero).

Friends in the Forest ( preK to 3rd, 30 minutes)

Why do leaves fall ? Being a good friend and helping others may hold the key to this mistery... Ideal for the Autumn, sts will never forget about decidious and evergreen.

Memories of a little princess : ( 2nd grade and older, 1 hour)

Fun first chapter book about events in life that any child with sibblings will identify with. Great to show what " author's voice" means. 

Oscar's Decisions ( pre-k to First, 15 minutes)

Children love to see this boy becoming a little pig as he forgets his table manners, but... can students help him?

When I grow up ( pre-K to First, 15 minutes)

Great to make crazy predictions . What is your dream when you grow up...?

The last 2 shows can go together or combined with Grand Circus.


 for Teachers

Training sessions available.

Kit de supervivencia para el primer año de maestra.


Ideas para hacer más fácil el primer curso de maestra: preparar el salón, centros, pared de palabras, mascotas...

$15 + shipping and handling

10 Euros + gastos de envio.