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Grand Circus

Bilingual story (English-Spanish), ( English- Vietnamese), (English- Arabic),(English-French),(English-Italian) where artists animals show how to make numbers.

Powerful images to help children learn numbers (1 to 0) with space to practice  what they learned, and  to show their creativity. A child's mind is home of wonderful ideas that just need an open door to come out. Typical example: " Look, the snowman is a number 8!"

  The body and the action of the animals will be unforgettable

But  wait!, there is more to play and have fun with.


Copyright 2005

  Included with the book: Set of cards

Cards with the numbers ( 2" x 5'5") to play sequencing, skipping odd numbers, adding, matching with the right quantity... Numbers are fun!!

Copyright 2005

  For Educators ( parent or teacher)


Available: A set of transparencies (8'5" x 11") with the images of the story

and /or a set of big cards  (8'5" x 11") with the name of the numbers in English and Spanish, to decorate the room, class...

Each set costs 12 dollars or you can have both  for $ 20.00 +  $ 3.00 Shipping and handling fee  . Lower Prices with quantities.

Texas residents  add 8%


Copyright 2005

Thank you!