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Thank you for your interest. If you wish to order you may submit this form or send your information with the payment. Librarians and teachers, please contact us for special prices. Our AISD Vendor # 123213.

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Send me the following Items:
Circus (Bilingual) Friends(Autumn) Feathers(Birds)Little PrincessHelp(Caterpillar) 

ABC Delicioso ( Sp only)     ABC,Who is leaving?Xtmas ABC  Vocales ( Sp only)

When I grow up (Bil)  Oscar's decisions ( Bil)

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 Please make sure you indicate what language/s you want :

English, Spanish, French, Italian, Vietnamese, Arabic   

and if you want hard cover for your order. Thank you.                                                                                                       

After submission you will receive a "Thank you"message. If you don't, please contact us by phone (512 271 7630 ) or e-mail (read@happychildrenbooks.com).Orders are shipped the same day the check is received.

Please make your  check to :     H.L. Minguela


Thank you and please, if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear from you.

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