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New books . Bilingual

The books you will see in this page have been designed for children who are starting the reading adventure.

They are bilingual ( each language is printed in a different color), and they have been printed using the font  the children learn at the school.

These funny  illustrations will help make easy predictions .


"Oscar's decisions" / " Las decisiones de Oscar"

This little boy has not been using his good manners and he is surprised with the consequences!!!

Will he make better decisions next time ???

$13.00  Bilingual ( English/Spanish), color, soft cover.

$18.00 Bilingual ( English/Spanish),color, hard cover.

Reading Level: Beginner


"When I grow up " / "Cuando sea mayor"

Children are dreaming about what they want to be when they grow up.

See if you can guess  their  funny dreams!!!

$13.00 Bilingual ( English/Spanish) Color, Soft Cover.

$18.00 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Color, Hard Cover.

Reading Level: Beginner

" Feathers / Plumas "

"Feathers in the meadow" 

NOW bilingual too!!!!

Easier for the little ones to read by themselves.

Children (and adults) look at Nature with different eyes after reading this story...

$13.00 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Color, Soft Cover

$18.00 Bilingual (English/Spanish) Color, Hard Cover

Grand Circus