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Alphabet Books

Reading and writing adventures

These materials are in English or Spanish, and they can be used not only with 5 and 6 years old, but anybody who is learning reading and writing skills. Enjoy!

ABC Book WHO IS LEAVING? (English) or ¿QUIEN SE VA? (Spanish)

 ISBN 09773531-8-4  

Someone is moving  and each friend gives something to say good-bye. Work with each letter  through the students' names and the objects they bring. You  can create your own poster with the names in your class!

Children book ( 8'5x11,34 pages color) $13 + shipping ($2 one book, $3 2 books)

Big Book ( 11x17,30 pages, color) $20 + sh$5 book

Big Cards ( 8'5x11, 27 color cards) $10 + $2 sh.



"Christmas Alphabet" (English) or "Alfabeto de Navidad" (Spanish)

 ISBN 09773531-7-6   

Have fun with the alphabet and the vocabulary of a wonderful time, Christmas. Ideal to review after vacations, and to bring their own experiences during that time. 

Children book (8'5x11,34 pages color) $13+ Shipping $2 one book, $3 two books.

Big book (11x17,34 color pages) $20+shipping $5 per book

Big Cards (8'5x11 27 cards) $10+shipping $2 per set

"Alfabeto Delicioso" (Spanish)

ISBN 09773531-3-3 

Foods with rhymes... What a combination to learn and have fun!

 Only in Spanish. The rhymes are "consonant " to make sure the child sees the end of the words, and the "music" from the letters in common.  This will help them to remember the words, and with the pretty pictures, it will become a favorite in your library.

Children book (8'5x11,34 pages color) $13+ Shipping $2 one book, $3 two books.

Big book (11x17,34 color pages) $20+shipping $4 per book

Big Cards (8'5x11 27 cards) $10 + shipping $2 per set 

Small Cards (8'5x5'5 27 cards) $7+ sh. $2

Texas residents add 8% tax

A,E,I,O,U las vocales y TU (nivel 1)

Libro de trabajo en español.  ISBN 0-9773531-0-1, Copyright 2005  (38 pag) Black and white workbook

Para quien va dando sus primeros pasos en lecto-escritura, este libro de trabajo es una gran ayuda. Consta de 5 historias, que contienen palabras formadas por la vocal protagonista, y espacios para practicar esa letra, palabras, o incluso oraciones propias, dependiendo del nivel de cada personita. Recomendado para Kinder y Primer Grado, se puede usar como lectura divertida o cuaderno de escritura.

$5.00+Handling fee  $2  for 1 book, $3 for 2 books. Lower prices with quantities.

Texas residents add 40 cents, sale tax, per book 

A,E,I,O,U ... las vocales y TU

ISBN  0-9773531-1-7, Copyright 2005. Black and white workbook

5 libritos en español.

Each book has : introductory vocabulary, story with the vowel, family words and a riddle. They complement the workbook with the same title.

12 dollars +  handling fee $ 2 dollars 1 set , $3 2 sets . Lower price with quantities.

Texas residents add  8% taxes.

ABC for Center

 This alphabet is designed in Manuscript, with a starting dot, and arrows .

It will help the students if it is placed where they can reach to practice tracing the letters with their fingers or pencil.

The front of the teacher's table can be a great spot.