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About the author :Minia

When I left the classroom, I was surprised to know there were sleeping stories blooming inside of me, waiting to be written. The seeds had been planted while I watched Texas birds, smelled morning breezes or listened to the songs crickets played at dusk. The stories have been watered with 14 years of teaching children. They have become fruits with Charlie's help, my husband, who does not know the meaning of " I can't". He is constantly building protective fences or trampolines to shoot my dreams to the stars.

We hope you enjoy the bouquet these stories have flowered into.

Illustrators : Resu, Maryuri, Elena,Jose


Resu  Jiménez  teaches art to future artists for a living and lives art  for joy. Her work has been sucessfully displayed in several cities in Spain: Madrid, Valladolid, Salamanca... "I feel my pencils are part of my body, and my colors, a way to communicate the world I want to share".

She finds the inspiration to draw children books in the inocence and simplicity of her 6 years old nephew's life. She lives in Spain, where she worked on " Grand Circus" and " Friends in the Forest" .

Jose Cantalapiedra is an artist in love with Nature and Life. Birds and Nature are some of his passions in life, as you can see in his gorgeous illustrations for "Feathers in the meadow", " Memories of a little Princess", " A little big help".... His many talents ( actor, sculptor, photographer...) keep him very busy, but still has time to display exhibitions and to direct a theatre group in Spain. Isn't he gifted?

Elena Orlenova was born in Uzbekistan. She obtained her Degree from the National Institute of Art and Design of Tashkent. She loves playing with colors: doing make up for artists, designing jewelry and her favorite... illustrating children books. She moved to Texas in 2005. She had fun illustrating "Oscar's decisions" and " When I grow up".

Maryuri Garcia  illustrated both of the Vowels books, creating  characters full of warmth and fun, like she is in person. But that is not her only talent. She has her walls full of  paintings, loves  singing  and she is always excited about  learning  new things. She was born in Colombia and  she lives  in Texas.

Editing, Translating & Loving

Elena Scarani wrote " Feathers" in her native language, Italian, one of several she can speak; she is a big fan of Nature, but has a special place in her heart for Golden Retrievers...

Pierre Kaziri loves and lives in Africa. One of his many talents is with words, as you can see in his French version of "Feathers" or " Grand Circus". Besides French, he speaks Kirundi, Spanish, Swahili, English and understands Latin, but he does not have many conversations in this last one.

Fred and Florence, who improved each story with their wonderful suggestions.

All of them are the kind of friends that everyone dreams of, and I am blessed to have. With their wisdom, help, editing, contacts, ideas and encouragement, they have made this adventure much easier. Thank you!

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